October 11, 2007

To celebrate or not to celebrate?

Yiu Yiu will celebrate her 2nd birthday on November 1. Hubby and I have been contemplating whether or not to organize a party for her. Her 1st birthday was only a small do with family members and several close friends, as dad had just passed away then. The other reason is that we moved into our current house in February but we've not had any house warming party. Many friends and colleagues have also commented that they’ve never visited our home.

If we do go ahead, we'll probably do it on the last weekend of October, as hubby will be away in Shanghai for several days beginning November 1. I've just got two caterers to give me their menu and price list, and if we really go ahead, I have to hunt for someone to bake a nice cake, and perhaps a clown to keep the children entertained as well. Not sure if I want to go through all this hassle. But the biggest question in my mind is, is two weeks too short a notice for people to attend the bash?

1 comment:

Liew said...

Haiyo do la, do la. I sponsor the b'day cake lor. Summore you kill 2 birds with 1 stone wo