October 31, 2007

2nd birthday celebration

After giving Yiu Yiu a shower, sis and I wanted to choose a new dress for Yiu Yiu so that she'd look her best. There were several new dresses in her wardrobe, gifts from her previous birthday and other festive occasions, which were too big for her then. I thought she could probably fit into one of those by now and hadn't bothered to try them on her earlier or shop for a new dress. And as Murphy's Law would have it, she's still too small for them. So we had to settle for a less than perfect mix and match pair of a blouse with capri pants.

The caterer arrived to set up the buffet line at about 5pm. Shortly after, the satay man also came and everything was in good order when our first guests arrived at about 6.30pm. After that, it was a flurry of activities with more and more guests arriving, and numerous phone calls asking for directions to our house. Hubby and I were kept very busy entertaining friends and colleagues, and showing them around the house.

Yiu Yiu was in excellent mood that night, though she started to show signs of tiredness by 8.30pm. We decided that it was time to bring out the birthday cake as some guests had also started to leave by then. There were plenty of happy faces when the children saw the Barney cake. Yiu Yiu was also very cooperative and we managed to snap some really nice photos of her smiling with the cake. After an enthusiastic birthday song, the cake was cut. Despite my complaints about how it looked, the simple marble cake tasted really nice.

Right (top to bottom): With Po-po, Ta Yiyi, Siau Yiyi, Yihao and mummy, Yihao giving birthday girl a kiss, with Aunty Yoke Ling and her family

There were leftover foods, so many of the guests took home some curry puffs and agar-agar (made by Yiu Yiu's babysitter), chai kueh (which we had ordered separately), fried meehoon, fried rice, and black herbal jelly. The last guests left at about 11.30pm and while I bathed Yiu Yiu and put her to bed, hubby cleaned the house. We only settled into bed at about 1.00am, tired but happy knowing that the party turned out to be mighty successful.

Pressies galore - mine, mine, they're all mine....muahahaha


jazzmint said...

wah tats alot of pressies for this lil girl.

happy birthday

Moo mommy said...

Wah, what a great party! Yiu Yiu must be very happy with it. Happy belated birthday, Yiu Yiu!

Hijackqueen said...

Yiu Yiu don't drink red wine hor. Aunty bring one home, ok? hehe

A Mom's Diary said...

Jazz, yeah...lots of new toys for her.

Moo Mommy, she was extremely excited with all the people around.

Aunty Hijackqueen, you come to my house then I let you take one home, ok?