October 08, 2007

Car vacuum

Even though we live in a landed property, hubby and I are just too lazy to wash our cars ourselves. There's a car wash just three minutes drive away from our house so hubby always send our cars there for washing. Moreover, the owner offers a 5+1 package, which means, for every five washes, you get one free. The best part is that the offer does not go on a per car basis. So hubby can take both his and my car for washing and we get the 6th wash free.

Sometimes however, all I need is just to clean the interiors from all the sand, pebbles and what-have-you that gets into the car, and also food crumbs courtesy of my little darling. Whenever my car needs vacuuming, I'll just use the normal vacuum cleaner we use for the house but it's such a chore navigating the bulky equipment inside the narrow confines of the car. That's when I wished we have a car vacuum like the one below.

Perhaps I should consider buying this for hubby for the festive season. That's a conniving way to get something for myself in the disguise of buying gifts for him.

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