October 27, 2007

Chiang Mai - Part 2

Saturday, October 20

The conference was jointly organized by the Regional Marketing team and the Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital, Faculty of Medicine, Chiang Mai University. After a grueling day of scientific presentations and workshops from 8am – 5pm, the delegates were treated to a fabulous dinner at the Khum Khantoke Restaurant. Khantoke is a round rattan tray where various kinds of authentic northern Thai food, are served. Khum Khantoke is housed in an exquisite northern Thai house, and dinner is accompanied by a cultural show celebrating dances from every part of the country, including a candle dance, sword dance, hilltribe dance, drum dance and seung kapo.

After dinner, the bus stopped by the Night Bazaar for more shopping. Instead of spending time at the Night Bazaar again, I decided to take a tuk-tuk to the local "Walking Market" held every Saturday outside the Chiang Mai gate of the old city wall. It turned out to be a nice experience as this market is patronized mainly by locals, compared to the touristy Night Bazaar where almost all shoppers are foreigners. Goods sold at this market are also different from that at the Night Bazaar. However, on hindsight, I thought it was quite a dangerous thing to do. There I was, foreign to Chiang Mai and didn't speak their language, taking a tuk tuk which took me through dark alleys alone. However, I guessed I trusted my instincts as I didn't feel unsafe at all. And it's a fact that crime rate is very low in Thailand as Thais are such gentle, loyal and religious people that committing a crime is implausible.

I ended up buying some local handicrafts – knitted floral hair clips and trinket boxes. I also saw some unique photo frames, decorated with small pieces of coloured stones but the price was quite steep. I walked along to see if there's another stall selling the similar items but there were none. Unfortunately when I went back to the stall, the owner had already packed up and left. I'll leave you with a photo of the frames, the one that slipped through my fingers.

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