October 15, 2007

Re-establishing my fitness routine

I used to be a member of Fitness First. I was a regular at the gym, being there 2-3 times a week and each time, I spend at least two hours working out. I always looked forward to the days when two of my favourite classes, Body Pump and Body Combat, were scheduled back-to-back. I used to be quite obsessed with attending these classes, so much so that if I missed them, I'd be really upset.

I stopped going to Fitness First when I was pregnant with Yiu Yiu. Even though people told me that it's perfectly safe to continue my fitness routine, only at a lower level of intensity, I backed out as I didn't dare take any risk, that being my first pregnancy. Hubby and I were still staying in an apartment then and I switched to swimming instead, as my regular exercise.

After I came back from maternity leave, I couldn't hit the gym circuit again as I was breastfeeding and each day after work, I had to rush home to express milk and nurse Yiu Yiu. My fitness level has pretty much gone down the drain and after I stopped expressing, the pounds started to pile. At one point, many of my clothes which I could wear after I came back from maternity (thanks to the miracle of breastfeeding) no longer fit me.

Early this year, we were informed that my company would be moving to a new office building as the lease in the old building would expire by September. When the office relocation task force finally revealed the location of our new office, I was thrilled as there's a gym in the same building. I vowed that I must start working out again.

We started work in the new office building this week and by the 2nd day, I had already signed up with the gym with two colleagues. It was a pretty decent deal, similar to what I paid in Fitness First three years ago but the facilities in this gym is so much better. We were given six complimentary personal training sessions to familiarize ourselves with the equipments and I attended my first session few days ago. Gosh! After being sedentary for more than two years, I could really feel that my muscles are not as strong. I was expecting to have generalized body ache but to my surprise, I was completely fine. I was tempted to sign up for a proper personal training program but after paying a bomb for the gym membership, I'm reluctant to fork out more money. I hope to get as much pointers as I could in the six complimentary sessions to at least be more effective with my time in the gym. I really look forward to working out again, and regain some measure of fitness and stamina. Hopefully I won't quit half-way.


jazzmint said...

hehe it's good u are so dedicated and back to gym. I've given up long time ago

Hannah said...

I think it's a good idea to ease yourself back in. Even just going for a walk every now and then or going for a swim. It is all in the right direction!