October 27, 2007

A tale of two abodes

When sis and I jointly bought an apartment shortly after we started working in KL, we spent many weekends trawling around town looking for various things for the house – ceiling fans, lightings, as well as kitchen and bath accessories. Even though it was time consuming, we enjoyed every minute of it as it was a lot of fun seeing the various designs on offer and comparing prices from one shop to another. It also brought us much satisfaction to eventually see those stuff fitted in the apartment.

When hubby and I bought the house we are currently staying in now, I wasn't as involved in the renovation of the house as I'd like to be. Partly because I was just too busy then, and partly because hubby knows so many suppliers so he took charge in sourcing for most of the household things and liaising with our main contractor. Nevertheless, I'm sure he could have saved some time had he known about Farreys, which offers many household items under one roof.

Coincidentally, our house is only five minutes walk away from sis's apartment, so that's really convenient as she'll just pop by for dinner sometime, and to see her niece. And for us, it's just a short walk away for Yiu Yiu's weekend swimming excursions.

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