October 01, 2007

Bad start to a brand new week

I was just two minutes away from my office at Menara Merais. As I was making a right turn into the narrow lane in the residential area, I saw this red Toyota Vios coming out from the lane. The lane would be too narrow to accommodate two cars so I stopped in my track, though I was in the middle of the main road, to let her pass. I could clearly see that she was holding her mobile phone in one hand while trying to maneuver the steering wheel with the other hand. As she approached, I could see that she her car was getting closer and closer to mine and I knew the inevitable would happen, and it did. The front bumper of the Vios hit my front bumper.

The driver of the Vios reversed her car, turned back into the narrow lane and stopped behind my car. A young girl in t-shirt and shorts, she was apologetic and said she lived just around the corner. We inspected our cars and luckily, both only had minor dentations and scratches. After exchanging phone numbers and taking photos of the damaged parts, she left with the promise of reimbursing my repair costs. What a bad way to start the week - my first accident since I owned this car in April last year. And here's the damage to my car, and a sketch of where the accident took place.

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zara's mama said...

Hate such 'accidents'..

It botheres the car owner, but it's really not such a bad scratch that you immediately need to get a respray..