September 28, 2007

Back on Malaysian soil

My flight left Paris at 12.00 noon on Sept 26, Wednesday, Parisian time. But why Paris, you may ask? Weren't you in Amsterdam? Well yeah, I was attending a conference in Amsterdam which ended last Friday. I then took a train to Brussels, spent a day in the capital of Europe, before heading to Paris for three days. I figured that since I've already traveled that far, might as well make the most of my trip by visiting places I've not been before. And it turned out that my return flight from Paris cost less than if I'd flown home from Amsterdam, which worked very well in my favour as I needn't have to take a train back to Amsterdam to catch my flight back to KL.

Lunch was served soon after take-off and since it was still sun shiny bright outside and I wasn't sleepy, I tuned in to the TV on Demand channel and voila, there were 10 episodes of the latest season of Dr. House, which is currently airing on Astro AXN. I've been a fan of the moody and rude doctor, and marveled at his ingenuity in diagnosing difficult cases. I was looking forward to the latest season on Astro but I missed the first two episodes since the 3rd season premiered on Sept 17. I was planning to catch a few episodes and then settle for some sleep for we were scheduled to arrive in KL at 6.30am on Sept 27. However, there is an interesting side plot that weaves itself across the episodes and I was anxious to find out how this would turn out. I ended up watching all 10 episodes at one go, which meant that I didn't sleep at all throughout the 12 hour flight as breakfast was served shortly after I finished the final episode.

Anyhow, the flight touched down in KLIA as scheduled. I had wanted to ask hubby not to send Yiu Yiu to the babysitter as I took half day leave and wanted to spend some time with her before going back to the office in the afternoon. However, hubby couldn't wait till I reached home as that would mean he'd be late for work. I reached home at about 8.00am, unpacked, took a long shower, and had a short one hour nap before heading to the babysitter's to see my darling before going to work.

And here I am, in front of my laptop trying to catch up on some blog surfing at 3.00am. It's amazing that I had been awake for more than 36 hours and I'm still functioning reasonably well. But my oh my, I think I'm gonna crash big time over the weekend.

Watch this space for more tales of my trip. I will try to post them as soon as I can. In the meantime, have some fun matching these photos to the correct city.


beckysmum said...

I know the pyramid is Paris... Hehehe... We missed each other this time. Hopefully we can meet some day, some where next time!
You very "geng"! 36 hours also boleh tahan!

chanelwong said...

I can confirm the pyramid shape is Paris..the other 2 not sure wor...

jazzmint said...


triangle - paris
on top of that is holland
the other one brussels?

zara's mama said...

Cathedral - Brussels (haven't been there)

Paris - Lurve

Amsterdam - cannels

A Mom's Diary said...

bingo! all you ladies got them right. that's the lourve museum in paris, canal houses in amsterdam and the city hall in brussels.