September 07, 2007

Wet weekend - Part 1

We went back to Kuantan for the long Merdeka weekend. As mentioned here, whenever we are back in Kuantan, we never fail to take a stroll at the beautiful beach of Teluk Chempedak but we always forget to pack the necessary items for Yiu Yiu to play in the sea.

Few weeks ago, papa bought a set of beach toys alongside the baby doll set in anticipation of our trip back to Kuantan. After enjoying our usual keropok lekor at Taman Gelora, we made our way to the beach at about 5.30pm. My oh my, I've never seen the beach so crowded before. Nevertheless, there was still ample space on the long stretch of beach and we parked ourselves near the water. Yiu Yiu immediately got down to the sand and started enjoying herself digging the sand with her toys, and making animal shapes. This was in contrast to the earlier trip where the little fussy pot refused to step on the sand. Mummy tempted her several times to play in the water but she was too engrossed with the toys.

Happy playing with her beach toys

All of a sudden, she pointed to the water and said "Swimming". Mummy was just waiting for this moment and quickly led her to the sea. She approached the water warily and refused to let go of mummy's hands. Just as she was getting accustomed to the sea, a rather tall wave splashed on her face resulting in her swallowing some water. Immediately she wanted out! Despite numerous attempts to coax her, she clung on to mummy like a baby koala and refused to be lowered into the water. We didn't want to force her and brought her back to the shore to play with her beach toys.

Top - Lets go swimming; Bottom left - Approaching the water cautiously; Bottom right - After being hit by the wave

Back on safer grounds

A moment later, we tried coaxing her again and surprisingly, she was game! This time round, mummy got a little smarter and held her with mummy's back to the sea. That way, the waves would not hit her directly. She enjoyed herself tremendously, so much so that she even dared to stand in the water by herself.

Top - Still wary of the water; Bottom - Enjoying herself thereafter

We left the beach at about 7pm, just as the weather was turning chilly due to the evening breeze.

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