September 01, 2007

Adjustable bed mattress

Despite having moved into our house over six months ago, we are still adding bits and pieces of furnishings and decorative items on an ongoing basis. One piece of furniture that we are still trying to find is an adjustable bed/couch to be placed in the master bedroom. Reason being hubby is planning to buy a TV and put it in the bedroom and he's looking for a comfortable chair in which he can lounge in while watching his favorite shows. For me, I love catching up on my reading and working on my laptop on the bed. But since Yiu Yiu shares our king size bed and she rolls all over the place in her sleep, I've had to resort to sitting on the floor with her kiddie table as my work station. We've already had the study area set up but I still prefer to work in the cozy master bedroom if I'm just working on my laptop.

We contemplated whether to get a massage chair but it would only serve his purpose but not mine. Anyway, they are just way too expensive and we probably don't need such luxury. What would work very well for both of us is an adjustable bed such as that sold by Gallery Furniture.

The Hästens Naturally Adjustable bed carried by this Houston furniture outlet is just the perfect addition to our bedroom. Its mattress, made from cotton/wool, flax, genuine horsehair and Hästens’ new unique patented spring system work together to make Hästens Naturally Adjustable ultra-comfortable. The blend of horsehair and a cotton/wool mixture has the unbelievable ability to wick away moisture, perfect for our humid country. The flax mats have sound insulating properties that keep sound levels to a minimum, and flax also has excellent anti-static properties. The pocket spring system in Hästens Naturally Adjustable makes sure that every spring does its job of relieving pressure from every part of your body. This will be just the perfect furniture that hubby can put his feet up while watching TV, and I can use it to work comfortably since there's enough space to accommodate my laptop and working documents at the same time. We can also use it as an extra bed if there's any guest staying overnight at our humble abode.

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