September 01, 2007

22-month old

Mummy was too busy to update my 21-month development, AGAIN! Naughty naughty mummy! I don't want to risk mummy skipping my development update again this month so I decided to take matters into my own hands. So here I am, telling you about what I've achieved and how I'd behaved over the last two months.

Mummy finally took the initiative to find out the terms of my teeth. Turns out the four front teeth on my upper and lower jaws are known as central and lateral incisors. All my four molars are called first molars. I'm having lots of sleepless nights and discomfort lately because my canine or cuspid, are cutting out. Mind you, all four of them are erupting at the same time so you can imagine how grumpy I've been! Mummy is patiently putting up with my obnoxious behaviour. Maybe she knows that I'm not misbehaving for no reasons. Once these four canines come out completely, I'll have to go through another round of when my set of second molars erupt, which I think won’t be so soon.

I can walk up and down the stairs like a pro. But hor…few weeks ago, I tumbled down several flights of stairs. My fault actually, for being kaypohchee. Papa was walking me up and as usual, I didn't want him to hold me. As I reached the mid span of the stairs, I turned back, and leaned forward to call on mummy, who was still in the kitchen. And that was when I lost my balance and tumbled down. Papa couldn't respond fast enough to catch me, so I ended up head down at the bottom of the stairs, with the stairs gate breaking my fall. Luckily apart from the obvious pain from the fall and being petrified for a while, I was fine.

I constantly surprise mummy with the repertoire of new words that I can now pronounce. For the longest time, I understand words like fork, spoon, straw, bread, cup, drink, dirty, yummy, etc but I just couldn't comprehend how mummy says such words. Recently, I found myself uttering these words with ease. I can even pronounce three syllabic words like Baby Bop, banana, papaya and pineapple. I can also string two to three words together to make simple phrases. I can say things like "put back", "pick up", "fall down", "fish ball", "hair band" and "good night". I think I can say a lot more than these but my mind is blank at the moment and I just cannot recall what other things I have said in the past weeks.

I'm getting very headstrong nowadays, and won't hesitate to throw a tantrum when I don't get my way. Sometimes, I even hit mummy and papa when they don't give me what I want. Mummy complains that terrible two comes early for me but I don't get it…can someone tell me what does she mean by that. But one thing I know is mummy doesn't like it when I behave that way, coz she'll give me that dagger stare, which gives me the creeps.

I have been diaperless during daytime at Auntie's house, but two weeks ago, for the first time, I had an accident. I peed on the floor. I don't know what got into me, maybe I was too engrossed with playing that I forgot to tell auntie that I needed to shh shh. The best part was, the small kor kor stepped on my urine, and the dismayed look on his face was priceless! But mummy still put me on diapers during weekends…I think she's just lazy! But then again, I never tell her or papa when I want to shh shh or ng ng when I'm at home, so maybe it's my fault also.

Mummy didn't take much photos for me the past two months so I could only managed to choose just this one to share with you. Hai! Must get her to take more photos from now on, otherwise I'll have difficulty choosing some nice ones to share with all the uncles, aunties, che che and ko ko here.

OK, I think that's all for now. I need to go and catch some beauty sleep. So long everyone…I hoped you've enjoyed reading my post. I hope mummy will let me do more of this next time. It's quite fun really, maybe next time I'll have my own blog. Then I don't have to tumpang mummy's one.


chanelwong said...

a lot new development by Yiu Yiu...

Zara's Mama said...

Yiu Yiu got piak piak your mummy or not? For not spending time to update your progress?

And not taking enough photos of you?

KittyCat said...

YiuYiu - yes, stand up for your rights! Ask for your own blog! hehehe your friend, Lucas.

milkmaid said...

She's coming close to 2! Are you experiencing the Terrible Twos syndrome with her yet?

A Mom's Diary said...

aunty chanel, mummy is most amazed at the words i know now. i constantly surprises her.

aunty zara's mama, yiu yiu piak piak mummy oredi. that's why mummy said this month will take loads of photos.

lucas, yeah, lets lobby together, you and I

aunty milkmaid, mummy kept saying i'm at the stage of terrible two, but i just don't understand what she means.