September 08, 2007

Wet weekend - Part 2

Last Sunday was hubby's company's Family Day at Sunway Lagoon. We reached Sunway Lagoon at about 8.30am and hubby promptly registered and got the necessary tickets and meal vouchers. There were two other organizations having their Family Day on the same day: Pejabat Tanah Negeri Selangor and Pejabat DYMM Sultan Selangor. We were assembled at the huge Pergola C which had been reserved for the event, as there were more than 1000 staff and family members present. Breakfast was distributed nasi lemak/fried meehoon and a muffin, doughnut and pear. There was a Vico and Indocafe van providing free beverages as well. There were many activities to keep the children occupied, such as balloon artists twisting balloons into little swords, flowers, dogs, and hearts; face painting and sand art.

The day started at 9.30am with a short address by the CEO who officiated the opening of the Family Day. This was followed by some telematches for children and adults alike. However, by then, many people already started enjoying themselves in the water at Jeffrey's Bay, the world's largest man-made surf wave pool. But of course only the mildest of waves were switched on (for lack of a better word!) and the people just enjoyed themselves dipping in the pool. My little fussy pot, seeing so many children in the water, wanted to join in the fun as well but again, needed some coaxing before she felt comfortable and started enjoying herself in the water. I even managed to persuade her to try the water slide, with her on my lap of course. We took a break from the water after a while and replenished her energy with some grapes, corn-in-cup, sausages and a small cup of iced Vico. Papa kept watch on her while mummy went to explore other parts of the park.

Mummy found the other side of the water park had more interesting attractions for children. For example, we could ride in a tube along the Zambezi River, while Little Zimbabwe and Kalahari Kids are built especially for children below the age of seven. There were also more exciting rides for adults such as the Congo Challenge, a six-lane thrill where you lie prone and slide down head first. I tried that and it was pretty fun. I also wanted to try the African Pythons where riders are spun around in loops before being propelled out, and the Cameroon Climb, the first-in-the world ride that steeply drops riders from as high as fifteen metres, and shoots them up again to a height of eight metres. Unfortunately, both are tube rides for two and I had no partner with whom to ride them with.

Top left (African Pythons), top right (Congo Challenge), bottom (Kalahari Kids)

I made my way back to Pergola C and told hubby that we should move over to the other side so that Yiu Yiu can enjoy the kiddo attractions there. Anyhow, since we were supposed to be free at leisure after lunch, we decided to let her play in the water at Jeffrey's Bay a little more while waiting for lunch to be served. It began to rain as we were having lunch and we were hoping that it would stop so that Yiu Yiu can enjoy herself at Kalahari Kids. I was also hoping that it would stop raining as I was eyeing the numerous rides in the World of Adventure and Wild Wild West such as the Niagara Falls Flume Ride, Grand Canyon River Rapids, and the 360-degree swings of the Tomahawk. Yiu Yiu fell asleep shortly after lunch and as the rain didn’t show any sign of abating, we decided to call it a day and left at about 2pm.

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