September 18, 2007

Mummy is not home again!

I suspected something amiss when mummy brought out her big suitcase and started packing her clothes, toiletries, etc. And true enough, last Friday night, a tall and burly Uncle in white uniform pulled up at our gates at about 9.15pm in his black car, which I now know is the airport limo. Papa helped mummy bring her big suitcase out and placed it in the trunk of the car, while mummy carried me out. Mummy kept kissing me until papa took me in his arms. Initially I refused to let go of mummy but papa said mummy was going to work. Strange! How come mummy goes to work so late at night? Anyway, I obliging let go of mummy, which I normally would not, watched her getting into the car and watched the car moving away. I think I behaved very well, at least I didn't make mummy feel bad for going so far away. Papa said mummy is going to this city far far away, whereby a large part of the city is below sea level, with lots of canals to regulate the flow of water. Can you guess where mummy is by looking at this photo? I am now home alone with papa, and mummy will only be back in two weeks.

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