August 28, 2007

Mothering baby

Since several months back, Yiu Yiu has developed a soft spot for babies. Whenever she sees a baby or even toddler, she will smile gleefully, point to the baby/toddler and keep saying "Baby". Sometimes, she would even go close to "sayang" the baby/toddler. She also has a book in which there is a picture of a doll, which she never fails to take out every night and point out "Baby" to us.

Seeing her fascination with babies, Papa bought her a baby doll recently, one that comes with a bottle of milk, a set of baby feeding system and a potty. This is her current favourite toy. She will cradle the baby doll in her arms and feed her milk as well as make the baby doll sit in the potty. And my cheeky little girl will exclaim "Hmmm…chou chou ah" after the baby doll has sat on the potty for a while. She will then take the potty and empty the contents into the dustbin. And when she sleeps at night, she'll make sure the baby doll is at her side, with blanket pulled up to the doll's neck. She's acting all grown up, mothering the baby doll.


jazzmint said...

oh so nice, girls are girls they love dolls.

btw, u are the one that always travel to hanoi rite?

A Mom's Diary said...

jazz, i've been to hanoi only once for a family holiday. are you planning to go there too?