August 08, 2007

Siem Reap, with mixed feelings

We managed to get free tickets during the Air Asia free ticket promotion earlier this year for our trip to Siem Reap. Our initial plan was to take Yiu Yiu along, as I would be traveling with hubby, mum and sis, just as we had brought her to Hanoi. We had even purchased a ticket for her, as there was no free ticket for infants. However, many people have advised us against bringing her along, as Angkor Wat is no walk in the park for traveler with children. There's a lot of climbing involved, with steep and uneven steps, and it would be difficult, not to mention dangerous, to be carrying an infant in your arms. Younger sis who went there with some colleagues three months ago also strongly discouraged us from bringing Yiu Yiu along.

We had to make the tough call to leave Yiu Yiu with the babysitter overnight for a couple of days. Luckily I was blessed with an extremely kind woman as my babysitter and she agreed to care for Yiu Yiu for the four days that we would be away. We are leaving early this morning and return on Saturday. She even asked us not to pick her up last evening, since we need to be at the LCCT by 8am. But we did anyhow, at least spend a couple of extra hours at home with her.

So as much as I look forward to visiting one of the world's heritage sites, I feel extremely lousy having to leave Yiu Yiu behind. If I had to travel for work, I don't really feel guilty but going on a vacation without her, it just doesn't seem right!

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