August 23, 2007

In love with the purple dinosaur

Yiu Yiu recently developed a penchant for Barney and his friends. Papa bought several Barney VCDs for her sometime back but only recently she would ask to watch them. And she's quite a fan, as many young children her age is. She won't get tired of watching the same VCD over and over again. And whenever Barney's theme song comes on after each episode, she would walk over and give mummy a big hug and a kiss following the cue of the song. And mummy has been watching the shows with her countless times, so much so that mummy is humming Barney songs like "Mister Sun" and "Ring Around the Rosie" at work!


jazzmint said...

every kid loves purple dino huh

becky's mum said...

Haha.. I believe every children love Barney!

A Mom's Diary said...

jazz & becky's mum, i think so too, but the funny thing is she just showed interest in barney recently. previously she would just ignore it when we play the CDs. maybe they like different things at different ages.