August 15, 2007

Kitchen furnishings

We moved into our landed property early this year. Renovation works began late last year and we engaged a designer cum contractor who practically took care of most construction as well as furnishing works. We extended the kitchen as I prefer to have a much bigger space to work in, coz I absolutely hated the tiny cramped kitchen in our previous apartment. As with the majority of Malaysian households, we installed built-in kitchen cabinets.

Another option we could go for was aluminium cabinets. Aluminium cabinets are great for the kitchen because they don't rust and look great. We can even choose the colour to match the colour scheme of our kitchen. What is important for me is that the cabinets must come with multiple shelving and storage compartments as I am a stickler for tidiness and like to keep the kitchen clear from mess. Another important feature is wide table top area, since I like to have all my ingredients prepared and within reach when I fire up the wok. Something like this would do, but I'd opt for white instead of red.

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yatie'scorner said...

like mine, I'm installed stainless steel cabinet. it's grey color. easy to wash no rust no smell