August 12, 2007

Back from Siem Reap

We got back yesterday evening, reaching home at about 5pm. The flight was delayed for an hour, as it did on the day we departed. Shortly after reaching home, we went to pick Yiu Yiu up from the babysitter. She had just woken up from her nap but nevertheless, stretched her arms towards me the moment she saw me walking through the gate. It felt great to be hugging and carrying her again after several days.

The trip without her didn't turn out that bad, and in a way, I was quite glad we didn’t bring her along, for her as much as our sake. She would have suffered for lack of rest, and we the adults would be so exhausted carrying her around, and would not be able to do as much as we could have. We did call home every night though, just to ensure that everything is alright, and to listen to her voice.

Will try to post some updates on the trip, but I expect mountains of work waiting for me in the office when I get back tomorrow so that may take a while.


milkmaid said...

Hey do share more. Hubby and I are going end next month and we are leaving Aiden behind too:

Just last week, I was thinking to myself ~ mebbe I could just feign sick and tell hubby not to go and forfeit our prepayment for hotel and air fare !! Hiaks.

chanelwong said...

Great break yar....