August 08, 2007

Hotel reservations

I am going to Amsterdam to attend a conference in September. Typically, the global marketing team will appoint a travel agent to handle bookings from all subsidiaries across the globe and this time around, it was no exception. However, I found out that I have been allocated an airport hotel. There is a shuttle train from the airport to the city and even though it is not inconvenient to get to the convention centre from the airport hotel, I don't want to be staying so far away from the bustling city, where all the action is.

I decided to try to make my own bookings through the conference website but to my dismay, most of the reasonably priced hotels are already fully booked during that period. The available ones are really expensive, more than €400 per night, not inclusive of tax. Not satisfied, I decided to trawl the Net for more hotels. The obvious course of action was to go to established travel sites such as Travelocity, Expedia, Orbitz, Yahoo Travel and such. However, since the number of delegates expected at the conference is in the thousands, and most hotels in Amsterdam have small capacity, I had a tough time looking for one that satisfies my requirements.

Not one to give up easily, I continued surfing and my persistency and tenacious efforts was duly rewarded when I stumbled upon Hotel Reservations. Not only do they have a variety of offerings in accommodation choices such as hotels, motels, resorts and vacation rentals, their rates are super competitive. They also offer great discounts and special promotions at various world wide destinations. I promptly took a look at the few hotels that I'd like to stay at and voila! I managed to find one which is still open for reservations for the period that I would be there. Without further consideration, I took out my corporate card and secured the room. Great, now I have one less thing to think about for the upcoming trip.
So if you are looking for great hotels at great locations, go ahead and drop by .
You'll be glad that you did.

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