July 31, 2010

Yan Yan – 12th month update

This past month, Yan Yan seemed to suddenly develop an understanding of how things worked around her, and loves to imitate what we do:
– holds the mobile phone to her ears and babble
– holds the comb to her hair
– points the remote control to the TV
– taps pen/eraser onto book as if writing or erasing

She also comprehends things a lot better:
– will give us a kiss when asked to
– follows simple instructions like "Give mummy"
– pats her tummy when we say 饱饱
– crawls to the bathroom when I say, "Come mei mei, lets go take bath"

In the morning when I drive the girls to kindy and babysitter, I will normally switch on the Little Einstein on the car's DVD player. Yesterday morning, I'm not sure if it was a fluke, but I caught her responding "Uhm" whenever June, one of the characters in the show asked, "Is this the second piece of the music machine?" She responded three times, each time at the precise moment June finished asking the question :-)

She's also able to work out solutions to problems – when standing by the side of the bed and trying to reach for things in the middle of the bed beyond her grasp, she'd climb onto the bed slightly, arch her body and extend her hand to reach the object. She can also call Ah Pa and Ah Ma to the specific person.

Hubby caught her walking three steps unaided the other day, though she still prefers crawling to get her around. She also enjoys moving her body to music, especially to "Nobody but you" by The Wondergirls.

She now has four teeth, two each on the upper and lower jaw. Her staple food is still porridge though we are beginning to feed her bits of table food whenever we eat. She'll have us in stitches coz she'll keep shaking her head instead of nodding whenever we ask, "Do you still want (this food)?" even though she actually means yes! She started taking formula a week short of turning one, but is still nursing whenever I'm home.


smallkucing said...


by the way, did you bring Yan Yan to Sunway Pyramid on 29 July?

ryeli said...

happy belated 1st bday yan yan! glad you had a wonderful bday party although the other kids enjoyed it more. you're growing up very beautifully just like your cher-cher!

A Mom's Diary said...

smallkucing - no wor, but we were there on july 25.

Aunty Syn - thanks :-) I think RL and HL are very pretty too.