August 14, 2010

The making of a compulsive hoarder

McDonald's sauce plates

Empty M&Ms tube

Edible decorative wafer rose

Empty chocolate container

Empty tube of toothpaste

Empty jelly containers

These are things which Yiu Yiu deemed to be "cute and pretty" and hence, she refused to let me toss them out, despite my repeated requests. And I don't want to toss them out secretly coz my little girl has the memory of an elephant, and may out of the blue ask me where her prized possessions are. She even decorated one of the jelly container with a Snow White sticker written with her name!

She even keeps this! You say pengsan or not??!!

Plastic peeling from panty liner

I hope she isn't a compulsive hoarder in the making :-)


Liew said...

The last pix really makes me laugh out so loud!!! What to do, your doter loves everything pink.

Yep definitely a hoarder in the making!!!

chanelwong said...

sooo funny..
she is keeping all these to make as her imagination cooking things is it?

Hui Min said...

reaaally lol on the last pic, hohoho. Kids r so funny..

A Mom's Diary said...

WK/Hui Min - I also beh tahan that last item :-)

Chanel - no leh, she hardly play masak-masak. I think she's just attracted to the colours.

chinnee said...

gee...the panty liner thing!! u shud really consider switching to cloth instead, hahaha!

zmm said...


The panty liner, I think she likes the flower print lar..

My girls are the same too, they seen to like to keep all the things I would call 'rubbish'.

A Mom's Diary said...

Chinnee - haha, have been thinking and still thinking :-)

ZMM - yeah, definitely the PINK flower prints LOL. So do you throw out their "rubbish" quietly?