August 28, 2010

Long weekend

Friday was a public holiday for Selangor so it's a long weekend for us. Hubby woke up extra early on Friday while the girls and I were still snoozing away. When we finally woke up, we found him downstairs washing our cars from Enterprise Car Rental. Well, that's his exercise quota for the month :-) Yiu Yiu joined him and got all wet while I busied myself in the kitchen cooking porridge for Yan Yan.

We had planned on going back to Kuantan this weekend so after bathing both girls, we set out for dimsun brunch. After that, we took Yan Yan to the paediatrician, as she has rashes all over her body, which started appearing on Wednesday. Though she doesn't seem to be bothered by it, I was worried that it might be something sinister, perhaps a reaction to her vaccination last Friday. But the paediatrician diagnosed it as roseola. I hadn’t thought about roseola, as she had it few months back, and though she did have fever on Monday and Tuesday, it was really mild compared to the high fever the last time. Anyway, she was only given some antihistamines to help clear the rashes. We drove back to Kuantan after that with the car rented using Enterprise Coupons.

Yiu Yiu was looking forward to going to the beach but it was raining yesterday evening when we got back, and this morning, Yan Yan woke up with a slight fever and even vomited on me as we got ready to go for breakfast, so again, we gave the beach a miss. We went out shopping in the afternoon though, and the mall was packed with people doing their Raya shopping. Should've rented a car using Savings Car Rental Coupons to save us the hassle of having to find a parking.

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