September 01, 2010

Pre-Merdeka day

Friday was a public holiday in Selangor and since Tuesday was Merdeka Day, I took leave on Monday, so I had a long break from work :-) After sending Yiu Yiu to the kindy in the morning, I dropped Yan Yan to the babysitter as usual, so I could have some time to run some errands - went to LHDN to request for a refund of my overpaid taxes for the past 10 years and visited a primary school which we're thinking of enrolling Yiu Yiu into (though we have registered at another). I then settled at McD SS2 to take advantage of their free wifi, when I got an sms from hubby asking if I wanted to catch a movie :-) This would be our first movie after more than one year. The last movie we watched together was Harry Potter, one day before giving birth to Yan Yan. So we went ahead and "abandon" the girls at the babysitter while we went to watch this:

Photo from here.

We are probably one of the last few people on earth to watch this :-) and I must say that Inception is an awesome movie – a little confusing at first but after getting the hang of it, the excitement and suspense was sustained right till the end.


smallkucing said... the last...yet to watch this movie :(

Liew said...

Yay someone can belanja big time coz got $$$ from IRB :)

Shireen Loh said...

hahah...not really, you're not the last people to watch this - we are. we have only been watching movies at home after the girls are asleep. So, all my movies are a bit outdated :-(.

A Mom's Diary said...

smallkucing - LOL

WK - lets see WHEN i get the $$$

Shireen - thanks for dropping by. The only DVDs I watch at home are Little Einsten, Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, etc :-)