September 30, 2010

Good as new molars

We made two more trips to the dentist to fix the caries in Yiu Yiu's molars. She had three cavities filled on the first trip, and the remaining two yesterday. I'm so glad there was absolutely no drama at all – she was an exemplary patient on both occasions, cooperating so well with the dentist.

She was getting a little bit distressed at this point, and pulled up her legs and clenched her fists, but still bravely continued on.

Fully deserving of these two stickers given to her on the two visits.

When she got her sticker on the second visit, she asked me,
"Mummy, guess which is my favourite?"
Well, there was no pink sticker so I pointed to a red one, and she said no. I pointed to another one, and another, and another, all of which she said no. Finally I said,
"I pointed to all the stickers already, all also you said no. So which one is your favourite?"
To my surprise, she pointed to the teeny weeny white sticker near the centre (which I overlooked).
"White? You like white meh?"
And her reply was???
"Because white has no sin – blood washed away all the sin."
Whoa!!! Guess the kindy is doing a good job with Bible stories.


smallkucing said...

Good for her!

chanelwong said...

Well done to Yiu Yiu...

Liew said...

Bravo to Yiu Yiu. She is a brave gal :)

MeRy said...

Bravo boy....

A Mom's Diary said...

Thanks all. She'll be so proud :-)