September 29, 2010

Brand reminders

In my line of work, we produce lots of brand reminders to be given to our healthcare professionals – simple desktop or office items like pens, notepads, computer mouse, calculator, medical aids and mugs (but not funny mugs). And each time something is produced, the staff will inevitably set some of them aside for personal use so we typically do not have to buy any stationeries.

And since we are also involved in many trade events, we will make attires for the sales team to wear during such events – funny t-shirts with bright, bold colours to catch customers' attention. And in my almost 11 years in this line, I've actually accumulated easily 20-30 pieces of company t-shirts.

Another item that is popular with our customers are posters containing medical information that can be placed at clinics waiting area. Besides serving as an educational tool, it also helps patients kill time while waiting for their turn to see the doctor. This can raise awareness on diseases and might trigger patients to ask the right questions when they see their doctor. But I think it shouldn't be all work and no play so perhaps some funny posters should be placed alongside the serious medical related ones.

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