September 23, 2010

Yan Yan – 13th & 14th month update

At 13 months, Yan Yan officially became a toddler – walking independently but unsteadily, and a few days short of turning 14 months, she was already walking pretty well, and walking has become her favourite mode for moving around :-)  And since she started walking, I tried letting her wear toddler shoes but she simply dislikes it, tearing and pulling at her shod feet all the time.

At 13 months, she started self-feeding finger food like Baby Bite, and grabbing the spoon whenever we feed her and directing it to her mouth.

At 13 months, she started drinking from a cup (with us holding the cup, of course), progressing to drinking from a straw at 14 months.

At 13 months, she had her first taste of during and loving it, lapping up every mouthful that we fed her.  But her love affair with food seems to have taken a downturn as she turns 14 months to become an unpredictable eater – refusing her porridge sometimes.  So mummy and babysitter have to put in extra efforts to cook a variety of food for her like macaroni and cheese, mee suah, etc.  Even then, she would still sometimes turn her nose at these new foods.  Babysitter is also having a difficult time getting her to finish her 4-5oz of Mamil Gold, but she still loves her Mummy Gold :-)

At 13 months, I started taking short cuts when bathing her and instead of using the bath tub, I'd simply sit her on a stool to bathe her.  I'm surprised that she didn’t mind water running down her head and face whenever I wash her hair.

At 13 months, she still has separation anxiety and will hang on to me like a koala bear every morning when I drop her at the babysitter.  She still cries when I leave most mornings.  Heck, even at home, I sometimes have to carry her on one hand and do chores with the other!

Other developments over the last two months:
  • shows an inclination to books, and loves to grab at pencil/eraser whenever che-che does her homework.
  • loves hanging things around her neck – her sister's bags, belts, etc.  She even wraps even her pyjamas around her neck :-)
  • loves rummaging through the drawers in the kithen whenever I do my chores, or rummage through the drawers in the bedroom in search of things to hang around her neck.
  • loves pushing her stroller/shopping trolley.  When we go out, she'd sometimes refuse to sit in her stroller and wants to be carried.  And while being carried, she'd want to lend a hand to push the stroller/shopping trolley.
  • blows flying kisses by pressing her hands against her mouth and say "Umm muck"
Last but not least, she's developing a love affairs with bags.  Unlike her che-che who has an affinity to shoes, Yan Yan is a bag lover.  She wants to hang a bag around her neck/body whenever she sees me/che-che going out with a bag :-)

The fashionista with her bag
Trimming her fringe


chanelwong said...

Last time she was just a she such a big girl liau...

My girl same thing...fussy eater too

smallkucing said...

what happen to her cheek. Looks like a cut

Chinneeq said...

I love Yan Yan with her curly hair. so sweet:)

MeRy said...

So cute..

Mummy Moon said...

She has grow up so much.. I like the last pic.

A Mom's Diary said...

Chanel - it's so frustrating when they don't eat yeah.

smallkucing - the last pic? That's bits of her hair from the hair cut.

Chinnee - that's why we "sayang" wanna cut her hair, so only trim her fringe :-)

MeRy/Mummy Moon - thanks.