September 04, 2010

Our Merdeka day

I read about this fun place for kids from this mummy's FB update, and decided to make a trip there on Merdeka day. We slept in (which is rare coz the girls will normally wake up by 7ish am even during weekends) and woke up at about 9.30am, so by the time I finished cooking porridge for Yan Yan and got everyone ready, it was close to noon time. Hubby suggested we swing by Sungai Chua for our dose of 辣汤 (spicy soup). Both of us love this claypot soup, as well as the 花雕雞 ("fa tiew" wine chicken in claypot) and we drive all the way to Kajang for these dishes every now and then. The other dishes we typically order here is the stir fried cabbage with dried shrimps and cili padi, as well as the spring roll. This time, we also ordered the claypot pan mee in clear soup to try, and the soup was tasty, though I find the dough a little hard. They have the claypot pan mee in 辣汤 (spicy soup) base as well, so that'll be our new dish for the next visit.

After lunch, we set off to Broga, reaching the rabbit farm at about 2.15pm. It was really hot by then but luckily, the whole park is rather well shaded with plenty of durian trees around. We went straight into the rabbit pen where rabbits and goats roam freely. Yiu Yiu had a good time petting the rabbits and goats, though she kept asking me how come there's no pink rabbits???

She then went on a pony ride, and though she wasn't afraid that I was not riding with her (instead I walked along with her), she kept saying that she's falling down :-) But after the first ride, she said she wanted to ride again…haha.

Next stop was the ponies enclosure but we could only pet the ponies from the outside. There were also cows, goats, sheep, monkeys and deers enclosures, and Yiu Yiu had fun feeding the goats. Yan Yan tried to touch the goats several times, but each time, she withdrew her hand when she almost touched their heads.

The picture at bottom right are rabbits reared for their meat

Here she's saying, "Don't bite my mei-mei ah" to the goat (LOL)

The girls then spent some time on the swings, and Yiu Yiu also attempted to cross the hanging bridge. It was just a simple wooden plank suspended within nettings but she was pretty scared at first as it swayed as she walked. But nonetheless, she braved herself and walked the entire length.

Round 2 on the pony

We left the rabbit farm and drove into Broga town, about 1km away for this:

The ABC from this stall (directly opposite the Broga police station) is reputedly quite good, as well as the pan mee. We had wanted to order a bowl to try, but it was sold out. The ABC though, lived up to its reputation. The other famous food in Broga is grilled freshwater fish, which we didn't try looking for.

On the way back, we stopped by the Ramadan bazaar in SS15 Subang Jaya, which is one of the largest Ramadan bazaar around. We had planned to tapau food for dinner but to our surprise, this year's offerings were not as good as previous years. The food didn’t look that appetizing so we ended up only buying some snacks.

On the way home, Yiu Yiu asked,
Yiu Yiu: Mummy, today is what day already ah?
Mummy: Merdeka day.
Yiu Yiu: Oh Merdeka. Later when we go home, we take out my flag and sing Negaraku, OK?
Whoa! Looks like my daughter is far more patriotic than me :-)


smallkucing said... much fun. Broga. Have read about this place in Alice blog

MeRy said...

SO fun....the kids seem enjoying alot.

Chinneeq said...

your girls are definitely more daring than mine. Mine even dare not try to feed the animals, what's more riding the little horse or to walk on the plank?

So cute to hear that little rabbit is supposed to be pink. Sweet and cute animals are supposed to look pretty, right? *smile*

Cynthia said...

Lovely shots of the kids!!! I'm salivating reading this post because of all that food mentions and descriptions!!! Only us asians would travel far TO MAKAN!!!! Ohhhhhh i miss M'sian food so much!!!

ryeli said...

your girls are sooooo brave! mine would be screaming to get out of there. lol!

kids are more patriotic that us coz they're brainwashed at school. rye li has been singing so many types or merdeka songs learnt at school. :)

jazzmint said... the place looks quite fun huh

A Mom's Diary said...

smallkucing - ask mamarazzi to take you there.

MeRy - yeah, it's a small but fun place.

Chinnee - she loves everything pink :-)

Cynthia - is it an Asian thing, or more a Malaysian thing? LOL!

Syn - surprising I haven't heard her sing a single patriotic song wor.

Jazz - quickly make a trip there.

zmm said...

Wow.. didn't know about such a place.

Well run?

A Mom's Diary said...

ZMM - pretty decent. Worth a trip there for small children. There's even a restaurant within the premise but we didn't try.