April 21, 2010

Being sick

When Yan Yan woke up last Friday morning, hubby felt that her body was slightly warm but when I measured with an ear thermometer, her temperature was normal. In the evening, babysitter called and said that she woke up from her nap with high fever. We didn't seek medical attention as I thought we can self medicate over the weekend and monitor.

Despite us diligently giving her paracetamol syrup or suppository every six hours, she was pretty much inactive and slept through the weekend. And when she wasn't sleeping, she was cranky and wanted to be carried all the time. She also didn't have much appetite. By Monday morning, she still had fever so we took her to the paediatrician, as I was beginning to worry that it could be something more sinister. The paediatrician gave her a suppository in the clinic as her temperature was hovering around 38.4oC, with the instruction to come back the next day for dengue test should the fever persists.

Luckily her fever broke that afternoon, but yesterday morning, I noticed some rashes on her face and back. Hubby called the paediatrician and he said it should be 假痲 (fake measles). Then I remembered Yiu Yiu experienced this when she was five months old – rashes breaking out after her fever broke, and her paediatrician diagnosed it as roseola. I googled a bit and voila, Yan Yan's symptoms fitted perfectly. By night time when I picked her up, the rashes had spread to practically the whole body.

Though the rashes are still present today, thankfully, her jovial self is beginning to re-emerge.

Can you spot the rashes on her face?

Yiu Yiu on the other hand, has been coughing since last week. Mummy's fault for not giving her the cough syrup diligently. Gotta make sure she gets her medicine on time from today.


Linda said...

Roseola.. my young one got that too last time.... but subsides after day 5.

Cynthia said...

poor Yan Yan... get well soon ya.. and to Yiu Yiu too!

MieVee @ MummysReviews.com said...

Hope your kids would be find soon. My boy had a 39.2 degree Celsius fever last Fri too and the suppository gave him super-swollen eyes (drug allergy). Fortunately, he recovered on Sun. Very pathetic when he kept sleeping on Fri, like a newborn again.

smallkucing said...

kesian her. May she get well soon

Angeleyes said...

Baby G was having some rashes all over her body too and I thought she has measles but luckily after I brought her to the doc, he told me it was allergy... Phew! We found out the cause... the dust from the reno work next door!

Wishing Yan-Yan a speedy recovery!

A Mom's Diary said...

Thanks everyone. The rashes had subsided and she's slowly back to her cheeky self.

Kit said...

Aww...looking at her photo sure reminds me my boy's own break-out previously. Glad to hear she's back!

ryeli said...

oh dear, ur girls too. mine has been coughing for weeks and abt 3 weeks back haye li too had fever for days and broke out all over in rashes after that.

it's the season again to be sick. :( hope your gals are better now.