April 12, 2010

First trip to the playground

Over the weekend, I took both girls to the playground in our residential area. It was Yan Yan's first trip to the playground and she thoroughly enjoyed herself on the swing.

Her che-che meanwhile, found joy in pushing her mei-mei's swing and didn't get to play much herself on the swing, slide or see-saw.

The two sisters sharing a private joke

It didn't help that the sky had gotten dark with a storm brewing and we had to leave after just 10 minutes there.


smallkucing said...

though it's only 10mins but still it's a 1st lor:)

jazzmint said...

they look so happy enjoying themselves

~LiLHypPo's mUMmy~ said...

Such a good che che!! Your 2 girls are real darlings!!

Liew said...

Yan Yan looks so happy :). Yiu Yiu too :).

Chinneeq said...

hey, the 2 sisters look so alike la..

ryeli said...

so sweet! hey, noticed yan yan is big next to yiu yiu ya? looks like she will be taller than yiu yiu one day. same for my no. 2 as well, i suspect she will be taller than ryeli for sure.

Kit said...

You should take them out more often - they look so happy! I take both mine out *nearly* every evening to our pathetic playground coz the girl is cooped up in an apartment all day. Too tired to walk all the way to a bigger playground :P

Fun, right, to see them laughing?

BoeyJoey said...

The second photo is so precious... sisterhood! Beautiful girls :-)

A Mom's Diary said...

smallkucing - yup, and it remains the only time till now :-(

Jazz - yes, they enjoyed themselves, though only very briefly

LilHyppo's Mummy - she is very loving to her mei-mei

WK - **grin**

Chinnee - you think so? Many people says Yiu Yiu looks like me while Yan Yan looks like hubby

Syn - #2 is definitely gonna be bigger than her che-che.

Kittycat - yeah, good to let them breathe some fresh air, albeit polluted :-) Unfortunately I hardly ever take them out these days

Boey Joey - I love seeing them together too.