April 30, 2010

Yan Yan – 9th month update

When we visited the paediatrician when Yan Yan was sick recently (in fact, that was the first time she fell sick), she weighed 7.9kg, just a mere 0.7kg gain from her 6th month check-up. I guess she must have lost some weight in that few days due to loss of appetite.

Physically, she can now sit herself down after standing up, and started cruising while holding onto furniture, though still a little unstable. She has mastered the pincer grasp, and can be really sharp in spotting teeny weeny objects on the floor, before crawling to it and picking it up with her thumb and index finger.

Last month, she could open and close her fingers in response to people saying bye-bye, and has now advanced to actually waving her hand. She can also clap to instruction.

She would sometimes babble papa and mama but I don't think she knows what they mean just yet. The first word which she utters with complete understanding is mum-mum. Whenever she sees me holding her porridge, or sees any of us eating, she would say mum-mum and move her mouth to mimic the chewing action, though there's still no sign of teething. She absolutely loves food (and I'm definitely not complaining here), and would always try to reach for food on our plates when we eat. I have to ensure I have something for her (mostly Baby Bites, bread or pau) whenever we eat to keep her occupied and leave us to eat in peace. She takes porridge twice daily, cooked with vegetable and fish.

The Velcro baby in her is probably at its height as she would cry piteously even if I pop into the bathroom for the shortest period to wash my hand. And if someone attempts to carry her when she's in my arms, she would grab my shirt tightly and refuse to let go, as if hanging on for dear life :-)

She loves playing hide-and-seek with her che-che, and her che-che doesn't get tired of hiding underneath the comforter time and again, only to let her mei-mei flip over the comforter and find her there. Both will then end up giggling to no ends. I simply love watching them play.


smallkucing said...

i think memang the weight gain will slow down after they are 6 months olds. But no worry la as long as within the range of the age group :)

Liew said...

Of course la, Yiu Yiu has waited for so long to be a che che. She simply loves being a che che :)

ryeli said...

so sweet and so fast 9 months already!!! hope she's better now.

Kit said...

Great update! I forgot about how clingy babies can get hahaha

Mine bawls endlessly esp in the evenings and will NOT let anyone else touch her.

Hubby also tried his hand at coaxing her and carrying her but nope, it's WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA with tears flowing and a really red face until she's back in my arms :P

A Mom's Diary said...

smallkucing - not really worried la, but sure hoping that it's not plateauing so soon.

WK - yes, she does.

Syn - both girls are back in the pink of health. Thanks.

Kittycat - tough eh, when they stick to us like glue.

jazzmint said...

she looks like a notty girl in the making in those 2 pics LOL