April 25, 2010

Bento post #139 – #145

More bentos from this week and last:

A simple fishball with cucumber skewer and checkered apple.

Red bean pau with fried wantan and checkered apple. This was the first time I gave Yiu Yiu home-made fried wantan, and her verdict was, "I don't like it, mummy". Perhaps it had gone soft by her break time and not crunchy any more.

One of the usual staple of chicken nugget with potato wedges, and a tub of tomato ketchup. For fruits, I gave her pieces of pear.

Omelette sushi roll. I had problems rolling the sushi that morning and was sweating all over trying to roll the rice nicely. By the time I was done with the sushi, there wasn't any more time left to cut the apple in a checkered pattern so I just peeled them and cut into pieces.

Red bean pau with breakfast ham rolled up with French beans, carrot and cucumber. At the side was few pieces of pear.

Shell shape pasta in Bolognese sauce, with some grapes.

Cucumber and crab stick sushi, with a cocktail sausage imprinted with fish pattern (which didn't turn out well). Again, I didn't have time to cut the apple in a checkered pattern so I just quickly carved out a star for her.


mr. pineapple man said...

checkered apple is genius!

A Mom's Diary said...

Thanks Mr Pineapple Man. I copied the idea from another bento mum :-)