October 14, 2010

Birthday party

Last weekend, Yiu Yiu attended her kindy mate birthday party at Jungle Gym, BSC. I’ve never taken her to any of these activity centres, except once when we attended another birthday party at Kidzsports 1-Utama, so this was the first time for both of us at Jungle Gym.

When we arrived, many of her kindy mates were already playing inside, so she went ahead to join them.

Shortly after, they were called out to have their food, consisting of the usual fares of sausages, nuggets and fishballs.

The theme of the party was Toy Story, and I can see that the birthday boy’s mama took great pains to give her son a memorable party. Besides the usual decoration, she even hand made this car (packed with sweets and jellies inside) as a game for the children. Each child was given a chance to break open the car but alas, it took multiple hits from a fully grown man (the birthday boy’s papa) to break the car apart, resulting in a torrent of goodies which the children happily collected.

Yiu Yiu taking a swipe at the candy-filled car

Each child was also given this Toy Story sand art kit, complete with a colourful custom made name tag. Such a coincidence that I had just blogged about Yiu Yiu’s first sand art project recently.

After cutting the birthday cake, a magician made a brief appearance, followed by more playing inside the playgym.

Cake cutting

Enjoying the magic show

I was surprised that Yiu Yiu didn’t ask to play any longer when I told her it’s time to go. Either she’s not into playgyms all that much, or she was kinda bored since few of her “best” friends had already left.


smallkucing said...

That is great

Angeleyes said...

What an awesome birthday party!
We intend to make the pinata for Darrius's birthday party in school too... since it is end of the school term, let the kids have some fun! hehehe

LittleLamb said...

organizing a party like this is not cheap....the parents really spent a lot.

MeRy said...

So fun...i believe all the kids are having so much fun.

A Mom's Diary said...

smallkucing/MeRy - yup, everyone had fun.

Angeleyes - so that thing is called a pinata...haha...I've heard the term pinata but didn't know what it was :-)

LittleLamb - you're right, I think they really splurged.

jessie said...

Sounds like very fun for the kids. I've always wanted to have one for my kids but the costs put me off