November 25, 2010

Yan Yan – 15th & 16th month update

At 16 months now, Yan Yan can verbalise few words clearly – papa, mummy, che che, kor kor, yeh yeh, poh poh, and her all time favourite, yao (要). It’s her all time favourite because that’s her usual response when asked, “Do you want mum mum” or “Do you want nen nen” or “Do you want kai kai” :-) At 12th month, she would shake her head instead of nodding even though she actually meant yes, but she now knows to nod her head for yes, and shake for no.

She can also identify all family members by pointing to the right person when asked – papa, mummy, che che, yeh yeh, mah mah, poh poh, yi yi, kor kor. And she’ll point to herself when we ask, “Who’s Yan Yan/Yan Xin/mei-mei”.

The other week, we were at the paediatrician clinic as she was having fever plus cough and cold, and while waiting, I showed her banana, flower and ball on a wall chart, and she could point them out later when asked. She weighs 9.1kg, by the way. No idea about her height and head circumference as these were not measured at that visit.

She insists on self-feeding these days, though she’s still not too good at it, so will usually make a mess. The trick to get her to eat is to have a small portion of food for her to practice self-feeding, while I feed her from a different bowl. She generally likes noodles, pasta and rice and have no problem finishing the portion we give her, but will shut her mouth tight upon seeing porridge, so that makes one less thing that I can cook for her :-(

She’s started to enjoy rolling the ball back and forth, and loves to climb onto furniture (and giving me heart attacks in the process). She loves to scribble and always rummages through her che-che’s bag to look for pencils and papers/books to scribble on.

She understands simple instructions like “Put your clothes in the laundry basket” and will bring my handphone to me when she hears it ringing. She cooperates well when putting on/taking off clothes by manourvering her arms around the garments.

This little missy may look like a little angel, but she has a fiery temper. Many a times, when she doesn’t get her way, she’d throw herself on the floor. But she’s also smart enough to do it ever so lightly so as not to hurt herself…haha…and after a few moments, will steal glances at us to see if we’d give in. Sneaky eh?


Small Kucing said...

Getting very clever ya :D

MummyMin said...

hahaha, she is such a drama queen! (the throwing herself on the floor part)

BoeyJoey said...

it's been so long since you post up her picture... Yan Yan is getting very pretty! is she chubbier than Yiu Yiu at this gae? she's really very pretty and adorable :-)

A Mom's Diary said...

smallkucing - and I wonder where she learns her tricks from

Mummy Min - summore can steal glances to see if we would respond to her tantrums. Pengsan.

Boey Joey - yeah I realised that too but somehow, there's always more to blog about her che-che. She's definitely chubbier than her che-che, and taller too. And thanks for the compliments :-)