November 15, 2010

Yiu Yiu’s kindy concert

Yiu Yiu’s kindy organized their biennial Concert Day at the DUMC Auditorium last night. Biennial??? How come not annually, right? I had the same question too last year when no concert was forthcoming and soon found out that the kindy organized the school concert and school sports day alternately. Anyway, the theme for the concert was “Colours of Malaysia”, and the good thing is each child can have as many guests as possible, as long as the kindy was informed. So mum, sis, Yihao, Aunty Yoke Ling (the babysitter) and her sister came along.

We had to drop her to kindy by 5.45pm and as it was raining since early evening, so it was rather cumbersome trying to keep everyone dry amidst the chaos. Anyhow, after dropping her off at her class, we proceeded to a simple dinner prepared by the kindy before making our way to the Auditorium.

The night started promptly at 7pm with three graduating 6-year old students delivering a welcome speech in BM, English and Mandarin. I was quite impressed with the three – they manage to memorize what seemed to me to be a rather long speech. I bet their parents must have been really proud of them. This was followed by the customary speech by the principal and pastor, after which the graduating students made their way on stage class by class.

The performances promptly followed and the children deserved a pat on their back for putting up a really good show. There were various dances - joget, bhangra, Chinese, etc. The impressive stage and elaborate costumes no doubt upped the oomph factor. No photos to show though coz we were seated quite far behind and the lighting was dim so the photos turned out really crappy :-)

Yiu Yiu’s class performed last, and I thought it was a good finale with a group rendition of Teresa Teng’s famous 甜蜜蜜(tian mi mi) and the BM version of Dayung Sampan.

Can you spot Yiu Yiu in the photo?

The concert ended slightly after 9pm and as it was still raining, many parents were still hanging around so we managed to snap some photos of Yiu Yiu with her friends.


Hui-Wearn said...

the finale was the best performance of the night in terms of the choreography and presentation!
i spotted YY on stage - she is so pretty with her braids!

Unknown said...

Hi, I dropped by your blog after being linked up by littlelamb. Coincidently, my Victoria also performed the same as Yiu yiu : )

Hope to meet up with you if we get the chance, haha.

smallkucing said...

well done :D

she is so pretty

A Mom's Diary said...

HW - you think so? I thought some of the other dances were quite interesting too.

Irene - thanks for dropping by. Maybe next year Vic and Yiu Yiu could end up in the same class :-)

smallkucing - thanks.