March 06, 2011

Kids say the darndest thing

We were eating out for dinner one day and when our food arrived, Yiu Yiu gave me half the portion of her rice and said, “Mummy, come I give my rice to you. I don’t want to give to papa because he is very fat already. I don’t want him to eat too much.” Wakakaka..

My niece, Xiaoyu has a tendency to vomit. Whenever she runs around after a meal, or cry (which she always does), more often than not, she’ll vomit. The other day, she vomited again after a crying bout...
WF (my sister): You see, vomit again. Give mummy work to do only. Who asked you to cry?
Xiaoyu: Who asked you to make me sad?
Mummy 0, Xiaoyu 1.

Again with Xiaoyu – I was at my sister’s house one day and chatting with her in her room. Xiaoyu interrupted and said,
Xiaoyu: 二姨姨 there’s so many books in my room.
Me: Why are there so many books in your room?
Xiaoyu: Because, because…there’s not so many books in my mummy’s room.
Makes sense right? :-)

This is 18-SX. Read on only if you are above 18, or under parental supervision :-)

When Yihao pees, especially in the morning, he shoots all over the toilet seat. Sis reprimanded him one day.
WF: Yihao, why can’t you shoot properly?
Yihao: Because my penis is long.
GASP! Shocked? Actually what he meant was that due to the morning erection, he couldn’t help but shoot all over the place. Ha ha!!!


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