March 09, 2011

Of being Star Student of the Year

While helping her with her Chinese homework one day, she told me her Chinese teacher praised her for speaking good Mandarin. Then she said,
Yiu Yiu: Mummy, this year I don’t want to get “Best Handwriting” again.
Mummy (teasing her): Get the “Star Student” lar.
Yiu Yiu: I cannot get the “Star Student” one.
Mummy (puzzled): Why?
Yiu Yiu (smiling cheekily): Because I’m too talkative.
Mummy was ROTFL. Not that mummy doesn’t know, girl!


Vivianz said...

ahahahaha my girl too. She came home and told me the same thing! she said"mummy said I am very good. I just need to talk lesser." hahahaha

BuffaFly said...

I can't help but laugh. Your girl is hilarious!

Liew said...

Hahahaha well have to give her credit for knowing that she will not win the Star Student award. Then again she might surprise you ;)

A Mom's Diary said...

Vivianz - haha, guess it's a girl thing.

Buffafly - :-)

WK - good that she has a high level of self awareness. We shall see...