August 23, 2011

Girl, you tickle our bones

We went out for dinner with the whole clan (mum, sisters and brother, sis’s family) one evening. While waiting for our food, mum said she was buying dinner.

Me: Huh? You again? (coz mum always compete with us to pay for dinner).
Mum (in Cantonese): Yeah, never mind la. I finally received the money for the CNY ad.
Younger sister: You don't know meh? Mummy has a lot of money one ma!
Yiu Yiu: 婆婆有很多钱 because 她那我 mummy的钱 (Popo has a lot of money because she takes my mummy’s money*)

And we all couldn't help but burst out laughing.

*I give mum pocket money every month and she witnessed me giving mum money just the day before the dinner. Sure hope she’ll learn by example and take care of us when we get old, just like how we take care of mum now.


Small Kucing said...

lol..clever and observation!

chinnee said...


chanelwong said...

she is learning very fast by observing...maybe got some more things which she knows but mummy don't know she knows...

LittleLamb said...

very "hiao" cheeky look.

Chris Yee said...

Cute *

WK Liew said...

Finally she can fit into the dress I bought her!!!!

A Mom's Diary said...

smallkucing - kids never fail to amaze us!

chinnee - :-)

chanel - that's true. Need to chit chat more with her to find out :-)

LittleLamb - this is her current fave post for photo

Chris - thanks for dropping by

WK - you always buy the wrong size one.

WK Liew said...

Er the pyjamas she kenot fit meh?