August 06, 2011

Yan Yan – 23rd – 24th month update

This is two weeks overdue but still worth penning them down for future recollection. At 2-year old now, Yan Yan is surprisingly better behaved compared to few months ago, so thankfully there has not been a repeat of the caning episode as yet – I hope I’m not speaking too soon :-) I think it boils down to her being able to understand instructions better. She’s able to have a two- or three-sentence conversation, and we can also understand most of what she says. She uses a combination of English, Mandarin and Cantonese in her speech.

Even at this age, she relies on her jie-jie for emotional support – sometimes when I scold her, she would cry and run to her jie-jie for comfort. She also imitates all that her jie-jie does. Whenever she refuses to do something when I ask, I’ll get her jie-jie to do the same thing, and naturally, she would come running wanting to do the same…haha. Once, she followed her jie-jie and climbed up the grille, and ended up screaming her lungs out coz she didn’t know how to climb back down. Haha…

She loves to scribble along when her jie-jie draws, and we try to teach her numbers by count 1,2,3… when going up the stairs. She also loves brushing her teeth, and may sometimes even insist on brushing on her own and pushes me away when I try to help. This girl is a bag person, unlike her jie-jie who was obsessed with shoes when she was at her age. Her favourite shows at the moment are Barney, Rio, and the Singaporean series on DVD, Baby Bonus – she loves the baby boy named Olympic in the show.

The other day I measured her height, and she stands at 82.5cm. Looks like she’ll grow much taller than her mummy and jie-jie, since she’ll most likely double this when she grows up.


Small Kucing said...

where is she going with so many bags

LittleLamb said...

I read somewhere that our kids height at 2yo will be double when they are adults... is it scientifically proven?

Yanyan seems to be more "cili padi" than her sister huh..

WK Liew said...

Soon you will have to build more cabinets in the gals' room - 1 to store shoes & 1 to store bags :)