July 30, 2011

Yiu Yiu’s kindy sports day

Last Saturday was Yiu Yiu’s kindy sports day. We were told to be at the kindy by 7.30am, and we did, only to find out that registration starts from 7.30 – 8.00am. So we were techinically 30 minutes early! The good thing about being early though, was that I got to park right out the main gate, and could select the best seat to view the proceedings.

As we waited for the event to start, the sun was playing peekaboo and at some points, it got quite dark and we were worried that it would pour any time. But luckily, the weather held so we had nice weather throughout the event.

The event started promptly with the children marching in, starting with the 6-year old children, and Yiu Yiu’s class happened to be the first class to march in.

The opening ceremony then promptly started with the singing of Negaraku, followed by two short speeches by Pastor Daniel and the principal.

This was followed by a special presentation of the song This is The Day by the 6-year olds.

The theme this year was Underwater World so all the races had names such as Bobbing Seahorse, Finding Nemo, and Raising the Titanic. Yiu Yiu’s class participated in the race Finding Nemo, the third race of the day, and her team came out third.

Caught this cute little boy completing his race in tears, as he was the last person in the race.

There were also games for parents, and the sports day ended with the prize giving ceremony.

Waiting for her turn to receive the medal


WK Liew said...

Your little missy must have been one happy gal to win a prize :)

LittleLamb said...

OH..the 2nd picture.that's Ryan holding the nemo right..

A Mom's Diary said...

WK - everyone gets a medal, even the last placed teams.

LittleLamb - yup, that's Ryan Lim. His mum is also a blogger? Which one?

laundryamah said...

Hi there..just discovered your blog by chance while I was doing a search on Juara Cerdik. My daughter goes to the same kindy...different class tho. My friend's daughter (who's also a semi retired blogger) is in the same class as your daughter,,,I'm a confirmed retired blogger,,:P