July 26, 2011

Double celebration

Two days after celebrating Yan Yan’s birthday, we celebrated hubby’s birthday and our 7th wedding anniversary. We had planned only for a simple dinner with just the four of us, as hubby was away, and would only reach home late evening on that day.

I’ve read many reviews on this Midwestern porky restaurant, so we gave it a try. The restaurant is typically packed and they do not accept reservations for Friday, Saturday and Sunday dinner but since we were there close to 9pm, we didn’t have any problem getting a table. The small family run restaurant is decorated with lots of Midwestern and porky photos, pictures and paraphernalia, and has a warm and cosy ambience.

Hubby ordered grilled soft ribs, I had pork chops with Country gravy and we ordered bacon tomato spaghetti for the girls. The dishes tasted quite good, though the pork chop didn’t look appetizing at all when it arrived, with the brown gravy covering most of the plate.

Halfway through my pork chops, I noticed a long strand of hair in the gravy :-( We promptly informed the owner who was apologetic and offered to replace another dish for us. But since there are still leftover from the girls’ spaghetti, we declined. The owner then came with their signature apple crumble dessert, topped with two scoops of vanilla ice-cream, on the house. I’m not a fan of cooked fruits, but their version of apple crumble was so delicious that I finished almost half of it by myself, since hubby is not a dessert person. The apple slices were cooked just right and not too sweet, and the corn flakes provided some extra crunch.

Our biggest surprise came when we called for our bill – the owner didn’t charge us for the pork chop, on top of the complimentary dessert! That’s excellent customer service if you ask me. This will definitely not be our last visit there, as I’d like to try their other signature dishes.


Unknown said...

Looks lovely! We have some porky fans in the family so we may just try out this place! Happy Anniversary to you and hubby!

BoeyJoey said...

Haven't tried this restaurant, but from your story, I'm definitely impressed by their customer service!

WK Liew said...

Is this the one in Aman Suria? How come din invite us one?

Angeleyes said...

Happy Belated Anniversary!

A Mom's Diary said...

Irene - another good porky place is Nambawan in Taman Sri Manja, Old Klang Road

Boey Joey - they are tops for customer service!

WK - yup, in Aman Suria. Didn't invite coz dunno what time hubby would get home.

Angeleyes - thanks. Happy Anniversary to you too. Our anniversary is on the same day you know :-)