July 03, 2011

Random updates

June had been a really hectic month at work and I had forgotten about these photos taken at several events throughout the month. So here’s a quick round-up of happenings in June:

I was in Penang for work during the first weekend of June, and Yiu Yiu participated in a colouring competition organized by her art class. This time, her papa bought her a new set of 24-colour pencil, to ensure she’s not let down again by the poor quality colour pencils that she uses to doodle at home. Though she didn’t win anything, she didn’t take it too badly compared to last year. Perhaps it’s because she won a prize for the lucky draw.

Busy colouring with her new set of colour pencils

Receiving her lucky draw prize

We celebrated mum’s birthday with a vegetarian dinner at Kechara Oasis @ Jaya One. The restaurant has a nice ambience and food was quite decent.

Mum with her five grand children

Birthday cards from Yiu Yiu to popo

I was away again the last week of June and Yiu Yiu's music class organized a Talent Time showcase. This is the second time in a row I missed out! It’s actually just a very simple event held at the recital hall of the music class building, but still, I can’t believe I missed BOTH the art competition AND the Talent Time TWO YEARS in a row!


Small Kucing said...

LOL...one botak like my son :p

Kit said...

She's so co-operative!!! My little fella loves to draw and paint but he doesn't really like to do it according to instructions.

He actually hates his drawing class and will be the first one to finish so he can get out of there asap :S

And there goes our "free" Saturday mornings...

A Mom's Diary said...

small kucing - of all things, you noticed that! LOL

Kittycat - my Saturday mornings are occupied by Yiu Yiu's art class too.

LittleLamb said...

well done Yiu Yiu on ur Talent Time