June 01, 2010

Missing out

…on Yiu Yiu's kindy outing to Hi-5 Bread Town
…on Yiu Yiu's kindy mid-term party
…on Yiu Yiu's Talent Time showcase in her music school

All because I have to travel for work :-(

Also, Yan Yan has been rejecting EBM since last week when she started feeling unwell. Babysitter had tried feeding her with spoon, syringe and cup but to no avail. Yesterday she only took about 4oz EBM in total, dropping to 2oz today. The last few days I tried to compensate by nursing her often through the night but when I'm away, she would not be getting her daily milk quota – and I'm worried sick coz I'll be travelling intermittently for almost half of June. Sigh!!!


MeRy said...

Hope Yan Yan wil recover soon.

My Family's Memoir said...

I have this problem with my son too since 3 months old. What my babysitter and I did was we only fed him after he fell asleep. Seemed to work, could finish up 6oz in a single feeding. Hope this will help

Hui-Wearn said...

gosh - don't worry too much - it's quite normal for babies to refuse food esp when they are unwell. i am sure her appetite will improve once she's better.

chanelwong said...

I know how you felt...
Ariel sometimes take sooo little milk..initially I was sooo worried too....but now I got used to it...
Give Yan Yan some time...maybe she has not recovered from her sick yet....

Liew said...

It's the price you have to pay for 'free' travel!!! Anyway hopefully once Yan Yan is fully recovered, she will once again drink EBM

ryeli said...

can you get hubs to take heaps of photos on your behalf? at least you know what's happening with her.

as for yan-yan, if she's really rejecting ebm and you're worried about her milk intake, maybe introduce her to formula or soy milk? if she likes them, at least she's getting some calcium.

jazzmint said...

i guess it's only temporary she's rejecting since she just recover. no worries.

will send you the pics of yiu yiu today

zmm said...

Can't help it for being working full time right?

Hmm... Just make sure you are not around when anybody tries to feed yan yan with EBM.

The other thing which I learnt from Zara is she was rejecting EBM because she couldn't smell me. So giving her a piece of my t-shirt (worn with my scent) or a breast pad, helps to settle her and take her bottle.

A Mom's Diary said...

MeRy - thanks. She's well now but still rejecting EBM :-(

My Family's Memoir - thanks for the tips. Will ask babysitter to try it out.

HW - sadly, she's still not taking EBM.

Chanel/WK - I hope so. I wonder if it's got anything to do with her teething.

Syn - got some photos of the outing from Jazz, so sweet of her. And read my next post on the kindy party :-(

Introducing formula will be my next option but the funny thing is, she guzzles it up if it's direct from the source.

Jazz - I certainly hope so. And thanx so so much for the pix.

ZMM - I'm not around her when she gets her EBM at babysitter's so it's definitely not me :-)

Hey that's an idea about giving her my t-shirt. My elder girl sometimes asks for my t-shirt when she drinks her milk too :-)