June 14, 2010

Cuti-cuti Melaka

Some weeks ago, I had to attend an event in Melaka on a Friday evening. I asked hubby to come along so we could let Yiu Yiu enjoy the hotel facilities. So while I attended my event, hubby tended to the girls. And I took over the parental duty after that so he could catch up with his ex-colleague in Melaka.

From our hotel room, we could see boats cruising down the Melaka River and promised to take Yiu Yiu for a ride.

Unfortunately the next morning, we woke up to gloomy weather and we thought, "There goes our plans." After breakfast, it stopped raining and we quickly went for a quick dip in the pool.

Beauty queen material?

This is her signature pose these days, with the V sign

It was a cold day so we didn't let Yan Yan go into the water

It started raining again soon after so we left the pool and went back to the room and got ready to check-out. After lunch, the rain had again eased and we decided to have a go at the river cruise.

At the jetty waiting to board the boat

Examining the tickets

It was quite a pleasant 40-minute ride and I must say that the state government did a pretty good job in cleaning up the once filthy river. Along the cruise, we caught glimpses of historic buildings, old warehouses, churches and villages.

Colourful buildings depicting legends of the Malacca sultanate

We headed home after the cruise, and didn't visit attractions at Ayer Keroh as planned, as a thunderstorm was brewing behind us.


smallkucing said...

hmm...what a wonderful working trip.

Your girl have potential to be Ms Msia la.

ryeli said...

glad to hear that you can have the girls with you for this trip. sure make it a whole lot better ya. she's definitely queen material alright, love her dimples!

next time we must take the boat ride too with the girls. the first and last time for us was before they did up the filthy river and after the ride, we really felt ripped off. but these days, people been saying that it's not too bad so they must have improved alot.

Liew said...

Wah lau, Yiu Yiu looks so 'chiau' la but but got potential to be Miss M'sia. So quickly send her to grooming class ;)

A Mom's Diary said...

smallkucing - hehe...this is called ambil kesempatan :-)

Syn - it's really not bad at all. Should give it a try the next time you are in Melaka.

WK - hehe...you got contact for talent agency or not?

BoeyJoey said...

All piccies of Yiu Yiu are very beautiful... she'll grow up to be a heart breaker for sure :-D

I've never went on the cruise in Melaka before... looks good. will look out for it should we go to melaka next time.

zmm said...

Everybody said the cruise is nice.. but we never visited once even though we go to Melaka always once every year. :(

Gloomy weather without rain is nicer than hot sunny weather. :)

Chinneeq said...

we love the boat ride too, and its even prettier if u ride at night (to see the lights :)

Judge Judy's Cooking said...

Cute daughter