June 04, 2010

Missing out – the sequel

I knew I was going to miss Yiu Yiu's kindy party today but by a cruel twist of fate, Yiu Yiu also had to miss her kindy party.

I got a call from Yiu Yiu's class teacher on Wednesday night while I was in Singapore. She called to inform that one of her classmate was a confirmed H1N1 case, and as such, her whole class would have to be quarantined for a week. My first reaction was praying silently that Yiu Yiu would be spared from the nasty virus. My second reaction was imagining how she would react to the news that there'll be no party for her on Friday since she was so looking forward to it. Surprisingly, she took to the news really well, and her mind was focused only on the jelly that the babysitter was supposed to prepare for her to bring to kindy. Her reply was "Then the jelly that Aunty YL make we eat at home lor." :-)

Hubby quickly called the paediatrician who advised that if she didn't develop any fever 2-3 days after the exposure, then she'll be fine. Hubby took leave the next day to stay home with her (we leave Yan Yan at the babysitter overnight whenever I travel as hubby can’t manage both on his own) and I cut short my trip and returned home last night. I was occupied with thinking about how to manage the situation, since if I'm home, I'd like to be with Yan Yan so I could nurse her (she's still rejecting EBM, sigh!) and that would mean I couldn't return home. After considering several options, I eventually spent the night at my sister's house (which is just five doors away from mine) with Yan Yan. We dared not even let Yiu Yiu know that I was home!

Today is the 3rd full day since her exposure (her classmate last attended kindy on Tuesday for the outing to High 5 Bread Town) and since she's alright, we brought Yan Yan back home this evening. On hindsight, if Yiu Yiu really had been infected, she would have had contact with Yan Yan already on Wednesday, since it was a rest day following the outing and she spent the whole day at babysitter' place.

From her kindy's blog, it was mentioned that the girl had been sick over the weekend but her fever subsided on Monday only to resurface after Tuesday, after which she was confirmed to be suffering from H1N1. But I think her parents should have kept her away from the outing, knowing full well that the child had been unwell. And because they didn't, four classes had to be closed, and close to 80 children exposed to the risk of contracting the virus, and missing their kindy party!

Anyway, since I missed the outing, I had to rely on this mummy's blog to read about the outing. And thanks Jazz for the photos – so sweet of you to try to take some shots of Yiu Yiu while busy chasing after Faythe and Vyktore's classes.

Yiu Yiu's class at High 5 Bread Town, courtesy of Jazz


Liew said...

Thank God Yiu Yiu is alrite :) and she is so cool about the cancelled kindy party

smallkucing said...

Agree that the parents should have kept the child home knowing the child is not well.

Sorry to hear of your scare.

If possible better get vaccinated. For the peace of mind

ryeli said...

oh dear, thank goodness that yiu-yiu is alright.

i can see she's also the smallest in her class eh, like rye li. but she looks really happy there!

MeRy said...

Glad to noe that Yiu Yiu is fine..

jazzmint said...

glad to hear that she's OK so far.

hey don't need so hak hei LOL, sun pin take some shots only since I'm there ;).

I'm sure she enjoyed the trip. Did you ask your hubs bout the goody bag :P

A Mom's Diary said...

WK - I was surprised by her reaction too :-)

smallkucing - there are lots of negative views on the vaccine, even among healthcare professionals. The main concern is whether it's been subjected to the usual rigorous testing required for pharmaceuticals due to the speed that it had been brought to market.

Syn - I guess she'll remain the smallest in her class for many years to come :-)

MeRy - thanks.

Jazz - apparently she became a santa claus and distributed the bread/buns at the babysitter's house to the other children there :-)

BoeyJoey said...

Wow, what a large kindy... 80 students exempted from the party! HQ's entire kindy has less than 80 students :-S.

Glad to hear that Yiu Yiu is alright. I would have been very worried too...