February 23, 2012

Bad things come in threes

~An entry from Yiu Yiu's perspective~

I had an extremely bad day yesterday, and for the first time in my life, I experienced the adage that things happen in threes.

It started with mummy forgetting to pack my t-shirt and shorts for PE into the green recycle bag that I bring to daycare.  I only realized her boo boo when I wanted to change into my uniform after my shower.  I normally wear my t-shirt inside the white shirt and the shorts too, so I only need to remove my pinafore and shirt during PE.  I started crying because I was worried that I might be penalized for not wearing appropriate PE attire on a PE day.  Teacher Fu quickly called mummy, and luckily mummy picked up the call.  You see, mummy was having a full day training and she doesn’t typically pick up calls during training/meeting, more so from an unfamiliar number.  That’s because Teacher Fu called from the land line, instead of the mobile phone number stored in mummy’s phone.  Anyway, mummy told Teacher Fu that she would ask po-po to go to our house to get the t-shirt and shorts, and pass them to Aunty Tan, who also fetches Yihao to school.

I was still crying inconsolably when mummy called back to inform me of the arrangement.  She told me to keep the t-shirt and shorts in my school bag, and change in the toilet before PE.  I calmed down after that and went to school.  I ended up changing in the class, as Teacher Kathleen was worried that I might get my uniform dirty in the wet toilet.

Later at night when mummy came to fetch me from po-po’s house (she was late as she had to attend the team dinner), I asked to play a while longer with Yihao, Xiaoyu and mei-mei at the car porch.  We saw a moth flying about and started chasing it.  I lost my footing and fell face down, knocking my nose and getting a nasty bump on my elbow.  It was so painful I cried for a good 5-10 minutes!

When we were home, mummy quickly helped me to pack my bag as she wanted to get us to bed since it was already 10pm but I requested for Maggi mee supper instead.  Mummy decided that it was easier to cook for us instead of putting up with two whining sisters.  While we eat, she went upstairs to take a quick shower but halfway through, she had to rush downstairs in her towel when she heard me screaming in pain.  A naughty little bee decided to sting me while I was happily savouring my Maggi mee.  It was so painful that I asked mummy to send me to the hospital emergency amidst my very loud cries.  The neighbours must have thought that I was being tortured!  Mummy saw the stinger jutting out from between my toes and wanted to remove it with her tweezer but I refused to let her, insisting that she sends me to the hospital and let the doctor remove it J  Anyway, the sharp pain subsided after a while but amidst my sobbing, I still refused to let mummy remove the stinger.  Actually I was afraid that she  was gonna poke me with the tweezer (like in getting an injection) but I was reassured when I saw that the tweezer was not like a sharp needle.  Mummy also demonstrated how she would do it by removing a loose thread from the shirt that I was wearing.  I braced myself for the ‘operation’ and was pleasantly surprised that the stinger was removed in just the blink of an eye.

So there you have it, my account of how ‘bad things come in threes’ for me yesterday.  I hope today will be a better day!


Cynful Pleasure said...

oh poor girl.. hope you have a great day today onwards!

MeRy said...

Bad things...fly fly away.

chanelwong said...

a very good write up from Yiu yiu.....

WK Liew said...

Wah so drama one. Your doter also can really cry one leh

Linda said...

Bad things go away, may more more good things coming your way.... :)

A Mom's Diary said...

Cynthia/MeRy/Linda - thanks :-)

Chanel - err...I wrote from her perspective only la :-)

WK - yeah la, she memang drama queen. But I believe the bee sting was terribly painful - could see the agony in her eyes.

LittleLamb said...

How come there's a bee flying around at home? Normally if we see bee, they wont come and "tiong".

Anyway yiu2 is very responsible. at least she knows her timetable well n know there is PE and what to do..

SuperMom said...

Ya, what on earth is a bee doing up at 10 pm???

Your poor Mummy - I can imagine how she was!!!

Hope that the bump and lump are all gone now. :)

A Mom's Diary said...

Little Lamb - I think there's a small hive in the ceiling somewhere coz every morning when I switch on one particular ceiling light in the kitchen, 1-2 bees will come flying out but they are typically dead when we get home in the evenings. Don't know how come this little one survived till so late.

That was exactly what I told Yiu Yiu - that the bees won't sting unless they are disturbed. So when she got stung, the first thing she said to me amidst her scream was "Mummy, you said if I don't disturb the bee, it won't "bite" me. I also never disturb the bee. How come it "bite" me?" Poor girl!

Super Mom - this must have been a night owl bee :-) Luckily not much harm was done. She was completely OK the next morning, with no redness or bumps on her stung toe.

chinnee (chinneeq@gmail.com) said...

adoi...poor baby. U will be very fine and happy after that since everything happened already :)