March 12, 2012

Afternoon tea @ Delicious, Marc Residence

Whenever I walk past Delicious @ Midvalley, I always wondered how their afternoon tea-for-two set is like. Sometime last year, I saw a deal on Everyday, now Living Social, that was offering the same tea for two set for an unbelievable price of RM35 only. I quickly grab the coupon and after soooo long, when the coupon is nearing expiry, only did I make the trip to Marc Residence yesterday with sis and the two girls :-)

I love the warm and cosy d├ęcor of the restaurant, with the artificial branches and hanging lights in bird cage all over the restaurant.

The restaurant was almost full when we arrived, and many tables had the three tier dessert stand – the restaurant must have been overwhelmed with many voucher holders redeeming their vouchers at the very last minute.

Service was disappointing slow, as expected, and the management should be blamed for not taking steps to increase manpower – they would have known the number of diners who would turn up, as prior reservation was required. Kudos however, to the waiters and waitresses for their patience, and ever smiling face when attending to each and every request. Certainly no KFC-like fiasco here!

After a long, long wait, our drinks finally arrived – I ordered the iced latte, while sis had the hot lemongrass tea, and we ordered an extra lemongrass and lychee freeze for Yiu Yiu. After another long, long wait, our food finally arrived. The girls immediately dug into the chocolate brownie with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice-cream. I managed to steal a bit from them, and it was delicious – cold ice-cream melting on the warm brownie. Aahhh…

The second and third tiers consisted of warm scones with preserves and fresh cream, strawberry chocolate dip, hand-rolled chocolate truffles, rosemary and cheese cookies, assortment of finger sandwiches and duck confit in filo pastry. Sis and I ate and ate, and still we couldn’t seem to finish the food :-) We did in the end, and ended up skipping our dinners.


chinnee ( said...

i visited the mid valley branch once and although it just opened in the morning with so little tables occupied, yet we waited so long for our food. Wonder what's wrong with them ah????

WK Liew said...

The pix are not too bad considering they are taken with a mobile phone

SuperMom said...

Oh my God...looks "delicious" alright esp the brownie and scones. Slurps...

I'm so curious about the lemongrass drinks. What did they taste like?

We love Midvalley and if such a nice dessert outlet is there, more reason to go! LOL much did you pay for this meal?

A Mom's Diary said...

Chinnee - I've heard few complaints like this about Delicious, but so far, my experience has been quite alright, except this afternoon tea.

WK - yeah, I was surprised they turned out decent.

SuperMom - the lemongrass drink was good, not too strong. I think most Thai restaurants may have this on their menu too.

I paid < RM35 for this, coz it was a coupon deal. Normal price is RM 59.90 I think.

Hey remember to call me if you happen to be in MV yeah.

Sunshine said...

I bought this coupon too. Love the brownies with ice cream. Yes, the service was extremely slow due to lack of staff.