September 11, 2012


Yiu Yiu had some orange juice in her tumbler and had just finished taking a sip from it when the naughty mei-mei snatched the tumbler from her.  Naturally she got upset and scolded Yan Yan.  Papa reprimanded Yan Yan and asked her to apologise to jie-jie.  Yan Yan refused and so papa scolded her and gave her a lecture about asking for things politely.  The little one sulked, went to one corner of the dining room, squatted down and said in a pitiful voice, “爸爸不愛我了。姐姐也不愛我了。沒有人愛我了。(Papa don’t love me, jie-jie also don’t love me, nobody loves me anymore).  I almost fell off the chair laughing, but I had to hold my laughter J

Hearing this, Yiu Yiu quickly went to Yan Yan, put her arms around Yan Yan and reassured her.  The sisters ended up hugging each other.  Sweet!  Yan Yan then, without prompting, apologized to jie-jie and papa J


Small Kucing said...

aww.....she so clever at reverse pychology ya.

WK Liew said...

Hahahaha your little one is also growing up to be a drama queen. You hv 2 drama queens in your house!!!!

A Mom's Diary said...

small kucing - haha, don't know how she learnt to behave that way.

WK - yup, double the fun.