September 29, 2012

Exam season

The exam season is upon us, and it’s a stressful and anxiety-filled time - not for the kids sitting for their exams, but for the parents J  This time round, I’ve been really lax.  Yiu Yiu had her Penulisan exam for Mandarin and BM this week, and I hardly did any revision with her.  The fact that she wasn’t well earlier this week due to an attack of gastroenteritis didn’t help.  On top of that, her papa was overseas so I had to manage the girls by myself after work.  All that I managed to do was to go through her BM textbook casually, and let her practice on her cousin’s past year exam paper the day before both exams.

Luckily, her daycare centre had been conducting revision sessions with them for the past 2-3 weeks, with extra classes on Saturdays as well.  Otherwise, I may have to resort to home tutors to coach her.

Next week is the crunch time, where she’ll have six papers in four days.  So this weekend we’ll quarantine ourselves at home for revision.  Knowing her, I foresee a weekend of nagging, nagging and more nagging at her to pay attention L  Maybe I should just get a tutor from TutorSpree and spare myself the headache.


Kit said...

6 papers in 4 days? That's crazy!

Poor Yiu Yiu - I hope that her gastroenteritis is better. Terrible ailment for one so young.

All the best to both of you :)

WK Liew said...

Relaks la, dun be so stressed up la. Dun give her too much pressure la

Unknown said...

Hi, their standard is actually very high, kids nowadays quite stressed lar.

A Mom's Diary said...

Kit - yes, their exam normally lasts for one week so have to cramp everything into that one week.

WK - I'm not that hung up about her exams la. Just as long as she tries her best, which is not always the case :-(

Irene - I have to agree with you, their standards are higher than our time.