November 03, 2012

Report card day

Yiu Yiu turned seven on Thursday, and it happened to be her report card day as well J  So how did it go…not very well, both results and celebration wise!  Will talk about her birthday celebration in another post.

I already expected her position to drop drastically, as she did really badly on both her BM Penulisan and Pemahaman and so I was neither shocked nor disappointed when I got her report card. 

I missed the first term report card day as I was travelling so this time, I got a chance to ask her class teacher more questions.  Apparently this girl L.O.V.E.S to talk and is constantly reprimanded for talking in class!  The teacher also commented that she doesn’t show remorse even when reprimanded.  Aiyo!  She also tends to have a mind of her own, and will sometimes defy the teacher’s orders (e.g. she will start scribbling and writing down the answers even though the teacher asked the class to put down their pencils and pay attention to the lesson first).  Double aiyo!  Nonetheless the teacher commented that she’s smart and a quick thinker.

So the onus is now on me to help her improve her BM.  Will need to scour the book stores to find suitable BM story books and exercise books for her to read and practice during the school holidays.  Now on the talking bit, how can I get her to stop talking in class?  Any suggestion, anyone?


Unknown said...

My girl's result also dropped this term. : ( Her class teacher is as usual "no comment" and MIA on the Report Card Day... such an important day, somemore! So her English/BM teacher commented (only when I asked) that Vic hardly participates in class (typical her) and sometimes day dreams and does her own thing during lessons!

WK Liew said...

Hahahaha not surprise at her teacher's comments at all. That remain unchanged since her kindy days ;)

chanelwong said...

BM paper will be a problem especially we do not speak at home..

JL too has the same problem...

Kit said...

Friends have been telling me about how BM pulled down the overall grade.

I was also shocked to hear of tight averages among a class of 40 i.e. No. 5 has 98.5 and No. 40 has 92.5!

All the best with the BM coaching.

A Mom's Diary said...

Irene - the syllabus in the second half seemed significantly more difficult than first half.

WK - her Std 2 teacher already commenting the same thing :-)

Chanel - true, I find that vocab is her main problem.

Kit - yeah man, their averages differ only a tiny bit between students.