November 05, 2012


I promised Yiu Yiu a trip to Kidzania as her birthday present but as I had a meeting scheduled on Thursday morning and report card day in the afternoon, we went there on Friday with her cousin, Yihao.

When we got there, we found out that tickets were sold out for the day!  I don’t know who was more disappointed, the children or myself!  Apparently they had 19 school trips that day, so there were already like 1700 kids inside.  I was initially cursing myself for not purchasing the tickets online but on hindsight, it was a blessing in disguise, coz if I had, the children would not enjoy themselves as much, as they would probably spend much more time queueing than actually role-playing.

Since we were already out, and not wanting to send them back to school, we went to Kid’s e-World at IPC.  We spent the whole day there, stopping only for a quick late lunch.  Thank goodness they had free wifi inside, with very strong signal, so while the kids played, I downloaded apps into my new Samsung phone J

Expending some of her energy on the trampoline

Preparing to wage war with Yihao

We celebrated with my side of the clan, the babysitter and her sisters on Saturday at Ah Tuan Ee, SS2, with discount coupons that I bought.

Gulai tumis, sambal petai prawn, joo hoo char, inchi kabin, tau-u-kay, stir fried mixed vegetables

Birthday girl and mummy

She looked so intense when making her birthday wish :-)

I ordered the yummylicious durian mousse cake from M&M CafĂ© again – and it is still as good as we remembered it, with lots of durian flesh between the spongy cake.

And so these simple events marked seven years of joy that our first born brought to the family. 

 One for the family


Hui-Wearn said...

happy belated birthday to YY! try kidzania again another day ya.

WK Liew said...

Send the pix to me pls

MeRy said...

Happy belated birthday to YY...

chinnee said...

love to see the last pic. Despite so busy, you still make time for your girls' special occasion :)

Kit said...

Happy 7th birthday! She looks so cute making her birthday wish :)

Kit said...

Happy 7th birthday! She looks so cute making her birthday wish :)

A Mom's Diary said...

Thank you all.